Your new stove is likely to be a major investment. Not only should it work well, but it will be the centerpiece of your kitchen so it has to look good, too.

When it comes to choosing the best gas stove, you want a model that will heat consistently and perform each of the functions you want, from boiling a liquid on a burner to baking a tray of your favorite cookies. See how easy to use it is and which will suit your life best. Take a look at these models and choose the one that is best for you and your home. But there are many other models available at ช้อน ส้อม, Amazon or your local retailer.

Why gas remains an industry standard? Easy:

But now let us get to three of the top models.


  1. LG LSG4511ST Slide-In Gas Smart Wi-Fi Range

This stove performs many functions well. The stove top heats evenly and is a breeze to clean. However, the oven part is what really shines. There is a lot of room inside, making it possible to cook several different cookie sheets at the same time. The broiler is excellent for browning dishes or melting cheese. This stove is very user-friendly, featuring controls that are easy to read and intuitive to use. This stove has the ability to connect to WiFi, so you can always look up a recipe or update your shopping list. To make it even simpler, it has a quick self-clean feature that will have it sparkling in no time.


  1. BlueStar – RNB304BV2 RNB Series Range

This brand has become known for creating professional-quality products that can stand up to a lot of wear and tear. This stove has four burners, all with star-shaped flames that promote even heat distribution. However, while the heat may be easy to regulate, many chefs have noted that the temperature is not. While you cannot be too precise about the temperature, you can always be sure of even heating and browning in the oven. When you get this stove, you have complete control over its outward appearance. From color to knob options, this can be your dream stove.


  1. KitchenAID – KSGB900ESS Slide-In Gas Range

This stove has a comfortable, familiar atmosphere. The knobs and controls are configured to be easy to use. With burners that have a wide range of heat (5,000 to 19,000 BTUs), you can be sure of completing any dish you desire. This stove features a specifically designed warming drawer to keep your dishes at the optimal temperature. Use the self-cleaning feature for a speedy clean-up.

If you are looking for a new stove to add to your kitchen, look for one that has multiple burners that all feature high, even heat. If you use the oven a lot, a self-cleaning feature can be invaluable.