2019 Trends Scream Expression, Inclusion, and a Reconnect

Every year new trends in fashion and music are ushered in. Photography is another arena you can see trends come and go. It is always interesting to see how classic aspects meld with new technologies or fads. If you photograph professionally, it is often to your benefit to get in on new trends early to help solidify your client base. Thus, this article will help give you an insight into the trends already making some headway in 2019.

A big player in photography (quick plug for photographers oahu) can be seen with people making a statement about current social issues through their imagery. Whether it be a need to increase awareness about a certain issue or express your feelings towards another, these issues are being tackled through photography.

1. Getting Back to Nature

One growing trend shows the need and desire for many to get back in contact with natural surroundings. With a world getting increasingly digital, people are feeling more of a disconnect with the world and beauty it has to offer. We can see this trend bleed over into other aspects of living with consumers seeking out products that are composed of natural ingredients and materials.

2. Self-Expression

With the world moving to embrace our differences more than ever, we see a movement in photography that brings that up to the maximum level. Instead of showing all of the opposition and disruptive images, you are more likely to see a celebration of individuality and an extreme and intense showcase of what makes everyone different. It is a push towards authenticity and inclusion that many in society are excited about.

3. Political Awareness

We can all agree that in this age of technology there are so many platforms to get a message out to millions of viewers very easily. Photography is looking to stake some claim in that too. Expect to see people, brands, and even companies taking a stand for or against politically based issues through visual photos. You will likely see imagery that allows brands to share information with consumers in order to make them more aware of, and make, ethically-based decisions.