Using a custom herb grinder at your next chillout session will impress your friends

Do you have chillout sessions with your friends, where everyone comes over to hang out, has a few glasses of wine and smokes a little bit of marijuana, just so they can relax?

If so, you probably prepare your marijuana while your friends are there, by breaking it into smaller pieces so it can be easily smoked.

While that does definitely work, it is nowhere near as impressive as using a custom herb grinder to grind your marijuana down into much smaller pieces. In fact, if you buy a herb grinder for your next chillout session, chances are your friends will be incredibly impressed.

What is a herb grinder? — This is a small ball-shaped gadget that breaks apart into two pieces, with an empty chamber in each. Separating the two chambers is a metal grater with sharp metal teeth.

In one half, you put your marijuana. Then you close the herb grinder and twist the top part of it. As you do so, the metal grater goes to work grinding the marijuana. As the pieces become smaller, they fall down through the grater into the bottom of the herb grinder.

Once all the marijuana has been ground down into the bottom half of the grinder, you can open it and remove the now ground marijuana. This can then easily be used in cigarette papers, and to stuff a pipe bowl more tightly.

Separating the trichomes — Some people love to separate the trichomes from the marijuana as they grind it but, obviously, this is difficult to do by hand.


With a custom herb grinder, however, it is easy to separate the trichomes from the rest of your marijuana. As long as you buy a herb grinder with three chambers, that is.

How does a three-chamber herb grinder work? — With a third chamber, a herb grinder is easily able to separate the trichomes from the rest of the marijuana.

As it is being ground, the larger-pieced trichomes or appendages are pulled through into the bottom chamber. As you continue to grind the marijuana, however, the marijuana continues to be ground into smaller and smaller pieces.

They then fall through into the third chamber. The trichomes, being larger, remain in the second chamber. Thus, allowing you to keep the marijuana and the trichomes separate from each other.


Impressing your friends with a herb grinder — Most people tear their marijuana into smaller pieces by hand, which can take a few minutes to do it correctly.

If you buy a herb grinder, however, you will be able to custom grind your marijuana very quickly. This will make it faster and easier to prepare the marijuana for use by all your friends, thus impressing them immensely.

Where to buy a herb grinder — You will find herb grinders being sold in head shops online, or on websites that sell ‘spice grinders’. This is the name that is commonly used for herb grinders.

Compare prices, sizes and designs before choosing the one you want. If you are not sure, head into one of the online chat rooms where marijuana users congregate and ask for help.