One of the best ways to get a little joy out of life is to go shopping. But that can mean you severely deplete your cash. With all that is going on globally, buying a $100 pair of shoes may not be in the cards for you. Still, that doesn’t mean you have to forego getting something pretty, vibrant, and fun to use.

The key to shopping for something with all the qualities you want, something that makes you smile, is not to go shopping for the big stuff. Instead, you can get a little Joy from buying something nifty and straightforward like a Muji pen.

Why Muji Works for Me

I write a lot, and because I love handwriting notes, poems, and journal entries, I also enjoy interesting pens, and Muji pens are wonderful. They offer a ton of colors that give me exciting ways to make my memoirs, journal entries, and notes even more beautiful and exciting. The Muji pen makes my writing more exciting because they flow beautifully, the color is vibrant, and the pen points are so fine they make my creative writing efforts seem more elegant.

What Is A Muji pen?

No, it’s not a high-tech Gadget, a recording device, or a video capturing device. It’s just a simple good Japanese-made gel pen sold by Muji.

For those that don’t know, Muji is a Japanese home goods store stocked full of minimalist, brand-free products that do their job in the best way possible.

The store sells everything from clothing to kitchenware, but its stationary section is out of this world. Best of all, the Muji pen collections offer a variety of Muji pens everyone would love.

Why Choose The Muji Pen

As I said, I am an avid writer, and anyone creative, likes to keep journals or uses pens to write little notes. If you try it, you’ll find the Muji Point 38 mm gel pen to be the perfect pen. It’s got an attractive outer body that is easy to hold, but more importantly, the pen tips are really fine and can make handwriting very interesting.

Why Are Pens Nifty?

I don’t remember when I started collecting fun and colorful pens. It’s made of Ben when I was learning calligraphy, or it might have been in Middle School. I don’t know, except I now realize that I have been embellishing letters, notes, lists, and even doodles for my entire life, so buying a new pen is just a great way to give my creativity and an outlet for my stress.

Plus, buying a Muji pen doesn’t break my budget. It gives me a boost of happiness from shopping and helps me be more creative.

Did you know that there’s a direct link between shopping and happiness? The key though, is to only buy something as inexpensive as a Muji pen. Then, you’ll have no regrets and no guilt.

Today my collection of Muji pens serves as an outlet for peace and relaxation. My desk is where I can pull out a pen from the giant pen holder and start writing my thoughts, fears, and goals for my uncertain future. My pen holders are bursting with Muji pens of all colors. I love them all, but I still have time to purchase a new Muji-colored pen every couple of weeks or so.